April 2017 – If Gas Prices have gone up 10 cents in the last few days, then will that impact drivers’ willingness to drive more or drive less?

Someone is making claims that because of SYRIA AIRSTRIKE – Gas Prices will go higher – WHY when there is already a budget for the AIRSTRIKE?

April 2017 – California appears to be on the way to increasing gas prices – Time to Leave California or Stay? Why? It will be the HIGHEST GAS PRICES in the Nation

Gas Prices appear to be planning on going higher for this 2017 summer

California proposing to increase Gas Prices by imposing a Gas Tax Hike by 23% – TO RAISE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS BY IMPLEMENTING A PROGRAM THAT IS ALREADY IN PLACE – what type of strategy is being imposed to california drivers because drivers have no choice – Drivers are going to be upset and Business are going to be upset as well. – What’s the Grand Reason – controlled traffic?

Which Cars actually give you better output for your tank?

Gas Prices are plan on going down to $2.00/gallon due to Fracking Huge Supplies of Unlimited

Gas Prices stay low due to over abundant supply. FRACKING!!!

Gas Prices are under to $2.99 for SUPER UNLEADED, right under the mark

It is now amazing how the U.S. Dollar is stronger, what the heck, this is amazing.

Can Gas Prices hold the price at around $4/gallon?

It really depends on what the global demand is and how crude oil is trading in the overall market place. The understanding is that Gas is unlimited since crude oil is merely a continued regeneration of stick sweet crude that is processed and sucked up to sell to consumers, after going through a processing plant, the gas prices are based off of the perception of limited supply, which is really not true. As long as people eat and excrete, there should not be any issue of crude oil.