Which Cars actually give you better output for your tank?

Gas Prices are plan on going down to $2.00/gallon due to Fracking Huge Supplies of Unlimited

Gas Prices stay low due to over abundant supply. FRACKING!!!

Gas Prices are under to $2.99 for SUPER UNLEADED, right under the mark

It is now amazing how the U.S. Dollar is stronger, what the heck, this is amazing.

Can Gas Prices hold the price at around $4/gallon?

It really depends on what the global demand is and how crude oil is trading in the overall market place. The understanding is that Gas is unlimited since crude oil is merely a continued regeneration of stick sweet crude that is processed and sucked up to sell to consumers, after going through a processing plant, the gas prices are based off of the perception of limited supply, which is really not true. As long as people eat and excrete, there should not be any issue of crude oil.

Gas Prices are going up to $5/gallon thank you Iraq?

Are gas prices planning on increasing overnight in the beginning of year 2015? The answer for some states is yes. Particularly, California will be increasing as a tax, which will be an immediate jump overnight. So, keep on the look out if your state is doing it too, chances are, only the high volume states would incorporate this since gas is already a default need. Adjusting the prices too drastically is interesting given that state residents pay so much in Franchise Tax Board taxes, you would wonder, why is there so much tax charge on top of the taxes paid?

Are Gas Prices really affecting the economy?

Or is it a matter of getting used to it? Who really knows!?!?!

Gas Prices debate with Ron Paul

What will it take?